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Choosing a Career

Originally, the word ‘career’ meant ‘road’ or ‘path’, today it means a ‘progress through life’ or a ‘job path’. How do you choose a career? Many students don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do in life. Part of the problem is the size and demands of the job market. These demands change when the economic situation in the country changes. Another part includes your own interests and special talents. Those who know themselves will often find the best jobs.

For most people, choosing a career isn’t easy, yet it is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Find the right career and you will be happy and successful. It is, therefore, necessary to explore your choice of occupation from every angle, collect as much information as you can, even try different kinds of work before making up your mind. Above all, evaluate yourself. Be sure you know your interests and abilities. Most of us are not as talented as famous musicians or movie stars but everyone has skills. At the beginning they are undeveloped and may not seem outstanding. Make a list of inventory of your interests and talents, concentrate on a few of them, and you may surprise yourself at how good you can become. Of course, you will not be able to find a good job without any academic background.

The interest inventory that follows covers the major fields in which most people find careers: science, arts, social service, business, sales, etc. If you want to make a career in business you have to learn some information about the areas of business and the opportunities they can offer.

Business is an important activity all over the world. The opportunities for a business career have grown in variety and number. There are four broad fields, or areas of business that offer exciting opportunities: management, marketing, accounting and finance. Within each of these fields there are jobs in which one can specialize. For example, within the field of marketing one can specialize in market research, advertising, buying, selling, or distribution.

Jobs in business and offices range from administration to general clerical work. Most of the jobs are done indoors. A lot of jobs - managers, accountants, analysts - require higher education, others like secretaries and clerks at least secondary school.

In choosing a business career, you have to answer the questions we have already discussed. Does the work interest you? Are there any areas of business for which you have an aptitude or special ability? And then, of course, it is necessary to know what the opportunities involved are. These include salary, a chance to get a career move, demand for the job. Answers to these questions and careful planning will help you to choose a successful career in business.